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Tracey Gutierrez


After spending nearly 20 years in various corporate jobs, I realized I was missing something essential from my life. Confused and really stuck, I sought help from a life coach who helped me realize that I would be happier leading a life more aligned with what I valued most in life, which included spending more time with my family, less stress, more focus on my health, and generally, "balance," which we all know can be so very elusive! 

One of the first things that my coach and I worked on together was to figure out what areas of my life I was most unhappy with, and from there, we were able to identify steps that I could take each week to help me make forward progress and improve my life. When you make incremental progress like this, it doesn’t always feel like it’s making a difference, but over time, you can truly transform your life for the better. I am living proof! 

One of the biggest changes I made was professionally. Looking to find a more meaningful career that would give me more flexibility and time with my kids, I took the bold step to enroll in a life coaching certification class. The following year, I left my corporate job to dedicate my life to helping others find meaning and purpose in their lives, both personally and professionally. 

I am a Certified Professional Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as well as an authorized facilitator in Now What?® coaching. I hold a Masters in Business Administration and have worked in sales, advertising, media, marketing, consulting and research. I live in Maplewood, New Jersey with my husband, 2 crazy, amazing kids (and dog!).

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