How I Work


I am both a career coach and a life coach, and offer different programs depending on your goals and needs.

typical process

Our initial conversation truly guides a recommended individualized coaching plan. This could be part of the Now What® Career Coaching Program, a fresh look at your ongoing Career Strategy, or focusing in on your immediate Job Search needs.

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Now What?® Career Coaching

Are you re-evaluating your career after having kids?

Are you feeling stuck in your job but have no idea what you want to do next?

Are you needing to do something radically different with your career because you’re tired of being miserable at work and bringing that vibe home to your family every day?

Are you asking yourself: "Now What?!"

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Now What?® could be a great fit for you.


Authorized Facilitator

I am an authorized facilitator of Now What?®, a coaching program focused on what makes people happiest and feel most fulfilled in their work (and life). 



Career Strategy


If you are looking for strategies to improve your existing work-life, I am here to help. I support working people who are struggling with a number of workplace challenges such as:

Wanting help getting to the next level when you may have been passed up for promotions in the past

Interpersonal issues with a boss, client or colleague

Adjusting to a workplace culture because of a new job or coming back to work after maternity leave

Support ramping up their career after having keeping their career aspirations on the back burner for too long

Asking for a raise or flexible work arrangement

Working moms with motivation issues, because their home life is so draining and all-consuming


The scenarios are endless but everyone is looking for a strategy to help make their jobs more rewarding and enjoyable.

Having someone to support you and hold you accountable to your goals during these challenging times can make all the difference! I know I would not be here today had I not gotten support from a coach when I was miserable in my corporate job.