What Clients are Saying


“Tracey has changed my life and my family's life. She is an amazingly talented career coach, who has given me the tools and helped me gain confidence to leave my stressful, uninspiring corporate job to follow my passion. Through the Now What? program we worked together to create a life where I could pursue my dream of being a professional photographer while also having more time with my kids! Even amongst the stress of transitioning to my new life, she has been someone I can count on. Thank you Tracey!”

-Kim G., Hoboken, NJ

(*Update: in January 2019 Kim was voted best family photographer in Hoboken by Little Hoboken, Hoboken's go-to resource for moms and families)

“I wish I knew about the Now What? program years ago. It's given me so much clarity about the direction I need to take for a more fulfilling life and career. Tracey was my guide and an incredible advisor for me. She provided insights that helped me rediscover, and act on, interests and passions I've set aside and helped me to identify my strengths so I can put them all to work for me.  It's a 90 day program, so there is some work and self-reflection to do in that timeframe, and it's totally worth it!”

-Claire D., Naperville, IL

“I met Tracey instantly felt like she ‘got’ me and what I was going through. I had a great career in marketing for 18 years. I left the U.S. to work and travel throughout Asia, while gaining experience in more entrepreneurial roles. Once back in the U.S., and after 6 years of being at home with 2 young children, I needed to figure out how to get back into the workplace, for my own piece of mind and the financial security, without feeling like I was abandoning my home life. I felt overwhelmed and honestly a bit insecure.

The Now What? methodology and other exercises Tracey uses helped me to start thinking about what I love to do, what my skills are, and how to organize my thoughts about my ideal job. At the completion of the program, I wasn’t ready to jump headfirst into owning a business, but I had renewed confidence, a better sense of my priorities, a much clearer vision of how to get started, along with an open mind to what lay ahead. A year later I started a home staging, retail design, and interior consulting business with a partner. I can’t thank Tracey enough for supporting me in my 2nd career journey!"

-kat k., maplewood, nj

“I met Tracey during a transitional time in my life.  I was in the process of stepping into a career I had always dreamed of while letting go of the one I had been in for over 12 years.  I felt overwhelmed and unsure of whether I could actually make this switch.  Who was I to give up a career I had put so much time, effort and money into to go after something I was passionate about?  No one really lives their dreams, right?  People who do are those rare and few that are exceptional, right?  I am definitely not one of those so why am I wasting time dreaming?? 

These were some of  the questions and inner turmoil I had swirling around when I had the pleasure of meeting Tracey.  Within a few sessions of working together she had helped me visualize what life would be like following both paths.  In helping me go deep I was able to extract and craft a new belief and story around change, which allowed me to use my anxiety of the unknown in a positive way.   Creating small adjustments in my daily routine toward my goal helped lessen the mountain I had placed in front of me making the transition less daunting and a lot more fun and exciting.  Helping me change my view(s) around going for what I wanted gave me the permission I needed to take the pressure off being perfect right out of the gate and placed it more on exploration and adventure.  I can’t thank Tracey enough for her incredible coaching, heart and guidance.  If you have the opportunity to work with her don’t hesitate it will be the best decision you make in reaching your goals.”

-Holly B., Wilton, CT

“Tracey's guidance in helping me clarify my life and career goals has been invaluable. Primarily as a stay-at-home mom with two young children, I'd been struggling with the prospect of returning to the workforce, and exploring my career options and life purpose. By listening supportively and brainstorming with me, Tracey helped me recognize the importance of following my lifelong passion for music. Many opportunities, both personal and professional, have since arisen- starting a band, and owning and running a music program for young children and their parents, among them. Tracey is an extremely warm, empathetic and insightful counsel. Her patient and generous guidance, nurtured in our weekly sessions, helped me direct my goals to reflect my values and strengths. Our meetings were always thought-provoking and illuminating. She was also excellent at helping me with organization and balance. Tracey helped me to cultivate a lifestyle that serves both my family and my individuality, and for this I am forever grateful. I recommend Tracey highly.”

-c.d., maplewood, NJ

“I began working with Tracey at a time that I was questioning where to go next with my career. She provided a space for me to discover what mattered most to me in my professional journey. Tracey made clear and powerful requests of me through the process. This helped me take action in areas where I had previously been stuck. I would recommend Tracey to anyone who is seeking clarity and confidence to move forward in any area of their life.”

-Holly M., New York, NY